The Wine Routes of Bulgaria (ISBN: 9789549298628)

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Ключови думиАтлас, Чуждоезична, География, Пътуване, Туризъм
Брой страници294

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This book is the first wine travel guide for Bulgaria in English.

It contains information about the history of the Bulgarian wine and those contemporary local wineries – larger or smaller – that have all necessary conditions to welcome visitors, and most importantly, do this with great pleasure. The idea for this book was born out of a hobby. It started with a love for good wine and delicious food; with a passion for traveling, discovering new places and making new friends. Gradually, a desire to share all these things with other people arose.

We were sure from the very start that the best way to spread the magic of the Bulgarian wine is to tell the stories of its millennial traditions and their devoted modern continuators. Every good wine is an exciting journey. We invite you to join us on a promising and fascinating travel along the wine routes of Bulgaria. VinoZona
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