This lavishly illustrated book features a refined selection of 18 carefully researched cruises to dream destinations. The book
includes classic routes such as the Northwest Passage, exotic cruises in the Caribbean, river cruises on the Nile and island hopping in
the Aegean Sea.

Each route is described in detail including
the full itinerary and the region’s scenic, historical and cultural highlights. Each cruise is plotted on specially drawn maps. Each
stop is numbered and shown on the map together with key sights along the way and recommended excursions. Information panels provide useful travel information ranging from the length of the cruise to weather conditions and detailed town plans are also included.

Over 1,000 breath-taking photos bring each cruise and destination to life.
Задайте въпрос

Данните и цените за продуктите предлагани от нашите партньори служат за напътствие и обща информация. Моля, преди покупка проверете дали съответстват на публикуваните данни от сайта на магазина или производителя. За евентуалните неточности и грешки не носим отговорност.