Thracian Treasures From Bulgaria (ISBN: 9789545001628)

Thracian Treasures From Bulgaria (ISBN: 9789545001628)
The current book by Maria Reho and Pavlina Ilieva comes just in time to satisfy the huge curiosity about the ancient Thracians in Bulgaria and abroad. The authors, although on the staff of the Institute of Archaeology and Museum of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, have not limited themselves to presenting only the Thracians treasures displayed at the Archaeological Museum, but have covered extensively all high quality samples of Thracian toreutics. Inquisitive readers will find well presented information about the customs of the Thracians, the gold and silver household receptacles of the Thracian aristocracy, the ornamentation of the clothing of the Thracians, their weaponry, the horse harness, etc. The photographs taken by Antony Handjiski have complemented the text offering a fresh look at the ancient treasures.
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