Ключови думиЧуждоезична, Градинарство

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These finely detailed, glorious color photographs examine the tulip in all its startling diversity. All are meticulously composed and lit with great clarity and readers will be dazzled by their beauty. Whether you're an avid gardener or just a lover of beautiful photographs, you can't help but be impressed. Contemplate familiar varieties as well as exotic rarities. Browsing through these pages you'll understand why tulip-mania gripped seventeenth century Holland, eventually ruining many of its otherwise staid and sensible inhabitants!

Peter Arnold's work as a fine art photographer and pictorial artist is known internationally. His best-selling books, Orchids, Tulips, and Bulbs in Bloom have become classics of flower photography.

Part of the proceeds of the sale of this book will go to benefit the work of The Elton John AIDS Foundation.

* Foreword by Sir Elton John
* An ideal gift, both for the lover of fine art photography and the avid gardener
* A timeless collection highlighting the beauty of an incredible flower
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