Varoe's Amazon (ISBN: 9789544630805)

Varoe's Amazon (ISBN: 9789544630805)
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On the sleeve, they would usually place the author's biography. But i shall not be egotistical, I'll be fair. I leave room for the book's biography. I've been writing it for three years now and I've had the opportunity to get acquainted with it. So I've decided that it deserves more than me.
Two decades ago, I wrote a screenplay submerged in the comedy of our history. It was rejected by the cinematography art council. One of the coryphees told me in the corridor, "What you've written is too derisive. Our viewer is not ready for national irony. " The man, I wish him well, is still alive. I saw him not so long ago - he is still unready for national irony.
How about the viewer? And the reader? The are the same - cleverer than those who want to put them in a mold.
The years have flown away and I'm afraid I'll pass away unready. So I sat down and rewrote the comic story of the snubbed screenplay - this time in the form of a novel.
The characters came to life once again. I don't know if they are happy in my book. However during these last three years I've experienced the greatest happiness that an inmate of the pen dreams all his life.
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