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Vegetarian food isn't - or shouldn't be! - dull and boring. It should be adventurous and satisfying, a way of enjoying fresh and natural produce - from fruits and vegetables, pulses and grains, to nuts and seeds. A vegetarian meal can be rustic and robust, or as light and elegant as any fine dining.

It doesn't matter why you have chosen not to eat meat, or whether you're a full-time vegetarian, a vegan, or just enjoy eating the occasional meal without meat, you will find recipes here that call on cultures from around the world, that use wonderful lush ingredients, that look good, taste good and are good for you.

Vegetarian Bible has a dish to suit every occasion, from warming soups to crisp summer salads, spicy Asian stir-fries to hearty bean stews. As well, there's information about maintaining a healthy vegetarian diet (such as how to ensure you get enough protein, iron and calcium), and tips on preparing and cooking grains and pulses.
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