Въведение в програмирането със С# (2011)

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Ключови думиПрограмиране
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Новото издание е изцяло на английски език. The Bulgarian C# Book! The book C# Programming Book came out as also did the related videos lectures about C# and the presentations about programming with C#. We published it in different formats, including PDF, Kindle and ePub. The readers liked a lot our C# book and started reading it at once. However, only Google isn’t convinced enough that when you write book C# or C# book, it has to find the C# book website. Welcome to the free programming book for begginners and intermediate developers. Our book about C# programming starts with the fundamentals of programming: what a computer is, what a compiler is, what a development environment is, how . NET works, how C# works, what variables are, what the variable values are, what C# literals are, what primitive types of data are in C#, how to use operators, different types of operators in C#, how we can take out and insert data in the console, how to organize the programming logics through conditional constructions in C#, how to organize a repetitive execution programming fragments through cycle constructions, how to use arrays for storing a string of elements. The first steps in programming correspond to the first level of the C# Fundamentals course at Telerik Academy for Software Engineers, which is based on the C# book. It’s debatable to what extent our C# book is a book about C# and to what extent it is a book about programming. The truth is, it will simultaneously teach you two things: the C# language, its syntax, program constructions and OOP. It will also teach you programming as concepts and principles – how to think algorithmically, how to solve problems, how to write quality code, to come up with algorithms, to implement them in C# and how to test them afterwards in order to be sure they are correct.
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