Wallcoverings (ISBN: 9780789308511)

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Ключови думиАрхитектура, Изкуства, Вътрешно обзавеждане
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"Chuck Fischer's Wallcoverings is a feast of color and pattern that will delight the eye and stir the imagination. The material that he has selected from the archives of F. Schumacher & Co. is extraordinarily rich and varied — a collection that will bring varied elements of design into strong focus for a wide audience... This dazzling book will no doubt be a favorite !"
—Albert Hadley

"Neoclassic patterns eye-poppingcolors — eitherearlynineteenthcenturyor century palettes — are my favorite wallpapers. Pompeii goes pop!
—Jamie Drake, designer

"You can wake up in the morning and see a nondescript room and by the end of the day you can come home to a room full of architectural interest.
— Mario Buatta, a. k. a. the Prince of Chintz

\Vallcoverings is the ultimate guide to wallcovering colors and patterns. This 320-page book contains over 400 wallcovering designs from the F. Schumacher & Co. , whose designs have long been considered the gold standard of wallcovering collections. Organized in chapters by color, each section contains countless varying patterns combined in striking complements. Wallcoverings not only features countless beautiful patterns, it contains practical design information for use in the home and an index of the featured designs. A beautiful, inspirational, and useful sourcebook, Wallcoverings is a must-have for designers and anyone looking to update and refresh their living space.

CHUCK FISCHER is one of the most talentedandsought-after product
designers in the United States. For the past fifteen years, Fischer has been painting private commission creations for some of the finest residences in the world. His work is displayed in the collection of the Cooper-Hewitt Museum.

ALBERT HADLEY has been an interior designer for sixty years. In 1962, he partnered with Sister Parish and founded Parish-Hadley Associates, the legendary design firm synonymous with classic American elegance. He now operates a smaller, more streamlined design firm simply known as Albert Hadley Incorporated.
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