What Makes us Different and Similar (2007)

What Makes us Different and Similar (2007)
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This book introduces three cultural dimensions. They are derived from World Values Survey data and compared with the dimensions of G. Hofstede, S. Schwartz, F. Trompenaars and C. Hampden-Turner. R. Inglehart, and Project GLOBE. Comparisons are also made with various statistics by TIMSS, Transparency International, the United Nations, the World Health Organization, the World Bank, and various national governments.
The three dimensions in this book explain crucial societal phenomena in an unprecedented way. Among other things, they predict and elucidate cross-cultural differences in:
absolutist/holistic thinking
obesity rates
adherence to agreements
ascription orientation
perceptions of health
birth rates
perceptions of life control
communication patterns
pride and humility
competition orientation
product quality
delay of gratification
economic development
road death tolls
gender egalitarianism
rule orientation
foreign aid
safety measures
school performance
illegal substance abuse
sexual permissiveness
income inequality
suicide rates
IQ measurements
thrift and savings rates
leisure orientation
treatment of out-groups
violent crime rates
This book is indispensable to any student of cross-cultural differences and anyone who wishes to understand the nature, logic, and origins of the pervasive and persistent cultural diversity of the modern world.
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