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Taking you from its ancient origins to 21st century Tokyo bars, Whisky is the ultimate guide to discovering and enjoying the world’s finest whisky. Michael Jackson goes in search of whiskies from Arran to Oregon and Cooley to Yamazaki to explain the differences and celebrate the diversity of whisky. From using whisky in cocktails and food, to deciding which style to suit your taste, Whisky will help you discover and enhance your passion for the spirit. Peat bogs and pot stills – how whiskies gain their unique aromas and flavours, with the secrets of the master distillers revealed. The distilleries – the complete, fully illustrated international guide: detailed coverage of the classic Scottish malt whisky producers, and distilleries around the world including Ireland, North America and Japan. The pleasure of whisky – how to enjoy and appreciate whisky with the help of Michael Jackson’s unique tasting notes and unrivalled knowledge of whisky culture. A fully illustrated, authoritative guide to the whiskies and distilleries of the world from "our greatest whisky writer" The Evening StandardA must for every whisky connoisseur! Enjoy a wee nip of the water of life, embark on a global journey, from the highlands of Scotland to the trendy whisky bars of Tokyo, to discover the world of whisky as it is today. Includes tasting notes of the key whiskies for each distillery and details of how to order.
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