Wild Horses (ISBN: 9781858944630)

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Ключови думиЧуждоезична, Хоби
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For centuries, the wild horses of North America have figured prominently in art, history, and folklore as symbols of beauty, strength, and freedom. Native Americans revered them, and early ranches and farmers could not have settled the American West without them. Now, because of such modern threats as urbanization and government round-ups, these noble creatures are fighting for their very survival.
Following the release of her remarkable books Shelter Dogs and Street Dogs, photographer Traer Scott traveled around the United States and Puerto Rico to capture extraordinary and unforgettable images of wild horses in sanctuaries and running free. In this new book, Scott focuses on the horses' current plight and the efforts of the individuals and groups trying to protect them. Through more than 100 stunning and evocative black-and-white portraits and location photographs. she reveals the intelligent, caring, and protective nature of these wild horses, and also relates the stories of their daily lives, and of their rescue and rehabilitation. This beautiful collection of images will appeal to anyone interested in horses and the welfare of all wild animals.
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