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Ключови думиЧуждоезична, Литература
Брой страници394

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The Victims
Liz Lancaster and her nine-year-old son have been kidnapped by a team of ruthless professionals. The ransom demanded for their safe return is a copy of the top secret Trojan Horse programme.

The Aim
Trojan Horse is a state-of-the-art cyberweapon which possesses not only the ability to corrupt major computer systems, but also the intelligence to reprogramme their actions and direct them at will. The implications are awesome.

The Rescue Attempt
There's only one person Liz's husband can turn to for help: his estranged eldest son. The son Conrad Lancaster has neither seen nor spoken to for over ten years. The son who despises him and all he stands for.

The Result
The end result is far from certain in this cat-and-mouse game of danger and deception, conspiracy and corruption, bluff and counter-bluff guaranteed to keep you guessing until the final page.
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